Rally against Ford government policies held in Owen Sound

Grey Bruce Labour Council rally in Owen Sound Monday, April 22nd (photo by Kirk Scott)

There was a protest rally in Owen Sound Monday afternoon against Ford government policies.

About 40 people waved flags and carried signs in front of Conservative MPP Bill Walker’s office.

The rally was organized by the Grey Bruce Labour Council.

President Kevin Smith they’re sending the message that the people did not vote for the cuts the Conservatives are making to things like health and education.    He says they can only hope that Ford will listen.

“He acts first and then listens then reacts and backpedals a bit so I think if we’re loud and in his face and telling him that we’re not going to put up with this he’ll backpedal a wee bit,” said Smith.

He adds they’re not happy with Walker’s performance.

“He’s not listened to his constituents at all and he won’t even meet with us so all we can do is stand here and hope Bill at some point decides that his constituents matter and if he wants to get back in he needs to listen to us,” said Smith.

Walker has said he respects peoples’ right to protest.