Lake Huron level continues to rise

( file photo)

The Lake Huron shoreline is facing another summer of high water.

Coastal Stewardship Coordinator Daniela Klicper sais the level in March was about six centimetres above last year’s level. In February, the lake level rose by about four centimetres, when it would normally drop slightly at that time of year.

“The probable range of values for approximately June are 37 centimetres and 71 centimetres above average, so even if the lake receives exceptionally wet conditions, the levels are still forecast to stay below the record high, but it will be above our average,” she said.

The water level will likely continue to be above average for all the Great Lakes, said Klicper, which could lead to more erosion along shorelines and flooding in low-lying areas.

Klicper added that people with property along the shoreline should pay attention to any flood warnings from their local conservation authority.