Goderich confirms Service Line Warranties mail out is legit

Goderich residents received a mail out recently that advised them they could apply for insurance through a company called Service Line Warranties of Canada.

Goderich C-A-O, Larry McCabe says they received several calls asking if the company was legitimate and he assured them it was. McCabe explains the company is working through the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

He said, “They started in the city of Hamilton. A lot of residential properties in Hamilton are under that and now there are fifty-one municipalities in the program and basically, it’s the laterals from the main water or sewer lines into the home that are the responsibility of the property owner.”

McCabe says many homeowners either aren’t aware that it’s their responsibility or assume their insurance already covers it.

“It’s a voluntary, optional program. The town’s involved with it, it’s valid, but it’s really up to the property owners. The property owners, if nothing else, are checking, as a result of the mail out, with their insurance companies and seeing whether they are covered and their insurance company may cover them if they wish, or they can rely on this particular program,” he added.

But McCabe says if they’re not they can get it through their insurance company or through Service Line Warranties for seven dollars a month.

McCabe points out if those laterals are damaged the cost can be in the thousands of dollars. He stresses again the insurance through Service Line Warranties is voluntary and the company is a legitimate company.