(Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / januaryxii)

Support for banning single use plastics in Ontario

A Coastal Technologist with the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation is applauding the an NDP proposal to ban single-use plastics.

Tineasha Brenot says the ban would make people realize how much we depend on single-use plastics.

“Enacting a ban on single-use items will really help people understand just how much we’re relying on them and there’s solutions for straws, bags, bottles, these all exist and as demand continues to increase for these products, they’re only going to become better and more affordable,” said Brenot.

Brenot maintains there are alternatives for things like plastic straws, bags and bottles.

“Challenging yourself to go for a weekly shopping trip and buying products with absolutely no plastic packaging, it’s near impossible and it can also be much more expensive. We can reduce our waste as individuals but there needs to be that stronger push for more sustainable options,” added Brenot.

And as demand for those products grows the products will only get better and more affordable.