Online health tracking in Huron and Perth

Personal health records will be available online for patients of hospitals in Stratford, Seaforth, Clinton and St. Marys.

The platform is called “My Chart”.

Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance Patient Registration and Health Information Manager Carrie Mills said patients will be able to access their health records on a home computer or cell phone.

“It also enables them to keep track of some of their own personal health goals within this platform,” said Mills. “So there is two sides of the platform whereas their reports go into it but there’s also the personal side of it that they can track as well.”

And it encourages patients to take more control of their health information as well as increase conversations with health care providers.

“They can keep track of their own allergies, their conditions, immunizations, different measurements such as a weight tracker, a mood tracker,” added Mills. “They can also track their own procedures and appointments within the portal.”

Patients can ask about the “My Chart” program at the four alliance sites in Huron and Perth.