Doug Ford welcomed to Mildmay

In Mildmay March 13 2019

Premier Doug Ford fulfilled one of his promises during last year’s provincial election campaign. He’d promised he’d come back to Mildmay. Last night (WED) he did and it was a love-in. The premier worked the room and addressed about 150 of the party faithful at a spaghetti supper put on by the Huron Bruce Provincial P-C Riding Association. Ford was last in Mildmay in front of a full house last June during the provincial election campaign.

Last night he was not taking questions from the media on the issues but had nice things to say about Mildmay.

“I love Mildmay I tell ya. I don’t talk too much about a whole bunch of areas of Ontario but Mildmay just kept coming up all year cause when I came here before, this place was packed,” said Ford

He added about last year’s visit, “I don’t know exactly the population but I thought there are more people in this room than there are people in this town so that was great. Down to earth, hard-working people. I call the folks here the real people of Ontario, the backbone of Ontario.”

In Ford’s relatively brief remarks he touched on his opposition to a federal carbon tax, his health care reforms and his party’s efforts to cut the provincial deficit.


Doug Ford In Mildmay March 13 2019

Doug Ford In Mildmay March 13 2019
Phtoto by Kirk Scott