Huron County employers still looking for workers

(Photo by (© Can Stock Photo / sean824)

The South Huron Chamber of Commerce hosted its fourth annual job fair Thursday at the South Huron Rec Centre.

Vice Chair Tine Buechler said there are a significant number of job opportunities in Huron County, to the point that many employers are now providing internal education. She estimated there were 15 to 20 apprenticeship opportunities at the job fair.

Buechler said most employers are not insisting on specific skills.

“They’re really looking for the fundamental jobs skills, so, respectful to your co-workers, somebody who’ll show up on time, have a learning attitude and then the employer can go a long way with that, so if somebody has that, an employer will take a chance,” she said.

Buechler said they had 20 employers at the job fair and pretty well all sectors of the economy were represented.

Anyone who couldn’t make it to the job fair but is interested in finding work in South Huron can Google the South Huron Chamber of Commerce for more information.