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Teacher hiring freeze feared by Bluewater Board Director of Education

The director of education for the Bluewater District School Board says they are taking a “wait and see attitude” toward a possible teacher hiring freeze.

Ontario school boards have been told by the Ford government to hold off filling vacancies while the ministry reviews class sizes and hiring practices.

The Bluewater Board’s Alana Murray said normally at this time of year they’re projecting staffing needs for the coming year.

“We’ve got the heads up from the government that in all likelihood there are going to be reductions. We are being prudent in that regard, we are continuing on our process to do our projections and we will adjust when we get that information,” says Murray.

If there is a hiring freeze, Murray said it could mean an increase in class sizes, but it all depends on how it plays out.

The ministry is expected to provide more information to school boards by March 15.