Historic photo of Vanastra (photo courtesy of Wikipedia archives)

Historic walking trail planned for Vanastra

The economic development officer for Huron East is looking forward to having a new historic walking trail through Vanastra this spring.

Jan Hawley said she wants to establish the historic walking trail through Vanastra to recognize the RCAF base that was there.

“This is something that I started back in 2013,” she said. “We had a great display at the London Airport and now, I’m going to take it right onto the grounds in Vanastra and we will weave the trails through Vanastra, because a number of those buildings are still intact.”

Hawley said she is hoping to get help from local residents.

“Some of the residents, there are some who were there on the base when it was operating during war time and during the cold war and they could be tour guides, so there’s going to be a call out for volunteers as well,” she said.

Hawley said she hopes to have the trail in place by May 4.