Brew Academy coming to Hanover

Canada’s first teaching brewery is coming to Hanover this spring.

The Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College will offer a one-week hands-on training program at Hanover’s craft brewery MacLean’s Ales.

It’s a partnership between MacLean’s Ales, Launch Pad Youth Activity and Technology Centre in Hanover, and Niagara College.

Participants will be guided through a specific style of beer, and follow the process from start to finish. It runs the week of April 8-12, and will include instruction from MacLean’s Ales founder Charles MacLean.

To register for one, or all of the modules, visit and enter the keyword BREW.

“There are many breweries in our region that will benefit from this training opportunity,” said MacLean’s Ales V.P. Sales & Marketing, co-founder Curtis Schmalz. “Charles is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and experience to support industry growth and the chance to expose this career opportunity to up-and-coming brewers.”

This one-week intensive program is being offered in five modules: Day in the Brewery; Brew Production; Discover Brew Ingredients; Brew Packaging; and Brewery Trends, Operations and Health and Safety.

Hanover’s Economic Development Manager April Marshall said, “The classroom portion will be instructed at Launch Pad Youth Activity and Technology Centre and move to MacLean’s Ales for all hands-on training, where participants can experience a day in the life of a brewery first hand.”