Grey Gables long term care home to remain open

Grey Gables long term care home in Markdale will not be closing.

Grey County Council has voted to rescind a motion from almost two years ago that would have seen Grey Gables sold to the private sector and amalgamated with Rockwood Terrace in Durham.

Grey Highlands Mayor Paul McQueen has been a force in keeping Grey Gables open. He said the decision is a victory for what people in the Markale area wanted.

“The meeting that was in Markdale had around 350 people at that meeting, they couldn’t sit them all in the Community Centre some people had to be downstairs for safety reasons, and somebody asked a question, ‘Does anybody in this room support the selling of Grey Gables?’ and nobody put their hand up,” said McQueen.

The 11-7 vote to keep Grey Gables open is one of the first major decisions of the new Grey County Council since the municipal election last fall. McQueen said it resolves what’s been a divisive issue at Grey council.

“It’s like a weight lifted off of everybody’s shoulders, there’s laughing there’s joking they’re having fun. It’s just amazing to see,” he said.

The vote today was in council’s Committee of the Whole. It still has to be formalized at the next full council meeting in two weeks.