Tyler Hessel – Bluewater Mayor

Bluewater streamlines development planning

The municipality of Bluewater is taking steps to remove some of the wrinkles from its planning process for developers.

Mayor Tyler Hessel explains they’re taking some of the extra steps out of the process.

He said, “Developers will not have to come back to council and authorize it through the clerk or the building official, depending on which item you’re speaking of and I think if there is any concern staff will bring it to council first and I think that’s the most important thing to do.”

Hessel said that can be significant for anyone hoping to develop in the municipality.

“They will take basically what was normally one-month extra wait and take that out of the equation and that’s pretty important I think, for anyone that wants to develop or build in our community or do something on a larger scale, as long as it’s conforming,” He said.