Huron and Perth County communities affected by postal strike

Mailbox near the Wingham post office. ( stock photo by Brent Tremble)

You can add Wingham, Clinton and Stratford to the list of communities that are being affected by postal strikes.

Workers walked off the job this morning along with other communities in Quebec and New Brunswick as part of rotating strikes.

Workers in Owen Sound joined the strike Tuesday morning but were back to work today.

Since last night, CUPW also shut down Canada’s largest processing centre in Toronto for a second time in three weeks.

The rotating strikes started on October 22 and affected operations in more than 100 communities across the country.

The union continues to escalate its strike activity, adding more communities each day and shutting down major processing centres for extended periods as negotiations continue.

Some of the issues include how postal workers in urban and rural areas are paid and working conditions.

Urban carriers are paid by the hour while rural carriers are paid in conjunction with the size of the route they have.