Blyth Festival growing in 2019

The goal of the Blyth Festival has always been to reflect the character of the community. And that hasn’t changed.

But the theme for the 2019 season could also be about growth.

Artistic Director Gill Garratt said next year will mark the 45th year for the Blyth Festival.

Garratt said they are adding one production next year and they’re also taking the Pigeon King, another Canadian Play that is all about Huron County, to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

“I’d love to get to six. I hope we can get to a point where we have two Bonanza Weekends. Like I would love to see the Festival really running from April until November in the way that something like the Stratford Festival or the Shaw Festival runs,” he said.

He said there’s no reason why the Blyth Festival can’t run on the same scale.

“We had an incredible season this year,” said Garratt. “We had 8,000 more people come through the doors this year than last and the theatre has continued to grow and I think it’s an amazing possibility for the town, for the community, for all of Huron County and also for Canadian Theatre.”

A complete schedule of the 2019 plays can be found on the Blyth Festival website.