Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) logo. Courtesy OLG website.

Winning tickets from Friday sold in Owen Sound, Stratford area

Some people who bought tickets to Friday’s Lotto Max draw may have a winner and not even know it.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming says one of the four $500,000 Maxmillions tickets won in the draw was sold in Owen Sound, though it was not known exactly where the winning ticket was sold. The other three were sold in Ottawa, Windsor and the Orangeville area.

Also, one of four $100,000 ENCORE tickets from Friday’s draw was sold in the Stratford area. The others were sold in Guelph, Mississauga and Pickering.

The draw also produced two Maxmillions winners worth $1-million each. The OLG says these were sold in Bowmanville and Mississauga.

There will also be a record in next Friday’s Lotto Max draw. $113-million in prizes will be up for grabs, with the jackpot at a whopping $60-million. There will also be 53 Maxmillions prizes available worth a million each.

For each $5 play, Lotto Max players get three sets of seven numbers ranging from one to 49. Players must match all seven of them, in any one set, to win the jackpot or the Maxmillions prizes.

Check your ticket on the Winning Numbers page of the OLG official website or stop by your local retailer. If you think you have a winner, visit the website to learn how to claim your prize.