Huron Perth low income earners share their experience

File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / airdone

A new exhibit at the Blyth Art Gallery will show “what it looks like to live on less.”

The “Photovoice Exhibit” opens October 17 to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

The Huron and Perth Social Research and Planning Council is researching the experiences of people in the region who make less than a living wage, and the impact that has for individuals and the community. The exhibit will feature photographs from community participants.

The research will provide recommendations to local and provincial governments, agencies, employers and community groups for addressing the impact of not having a living wage/income.

The SRPC collaborated with local photographer Terry Manzo to offer photography workshops and mentorship to community participants. The participants were then tasked with photographing how living on low-income effects their daily lives.

“The Photovoice Exhibit gives our participants a chance to have their voices heard and their stories shared in a unique and impactful way,” said  Susanna Reid, director of the SRPC. “The photographs will also offer our broader community insight into the lives of people who live on less.”

The Photovoice Exhibit will become a travelling exhibit in spring 2019.