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A new report finds Google is growing the economy

Google says Canadian businesses are adding money and jobs to the country’s economy thanks to Google search and advertising tools.

Deloitte prepared Google’s Economic Impact report and found businesses using Google Search and Google Ads are supporting 112,000 full-time jobs.

It also found that the hundreds of thousands of businesses, publishers and nonprofits that connected with the community through Google generated $10.4 billion in economic activity in 2017.

Content creators generated $179 million through Google AdSense and Canadian businesses using Google Cloud benefitted from $266 million in productivity improvements.

“Digital technology has become a routine part of people’s lives. But rarely does one stop and ask what the economic value is of the current range of digital services available today,” says Craig Alexander, chief economist at Deloitte Canada. “This report aims to highlight the value of these services for Canadian businesses and our economy as a whole.”

“Being online can have a big impact for businesses of all sizes; it’s where people can learn, build, connect and grow,” said Sabrina Geremia, country director for Google Canada. “At Google, we are invested in building products and services that help businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, developers, creators and students succeed online. With the open web and accessibility to our tools, Canadians can reach new heights.”