Huron Wind Study Finds Majority Bothered By Turbines

Wind turbines. (Blackburn Media file photo.)

An interim update from the Huron County Wind Turbine Study has found the majority of people have been bothered by the huge industrial turbines.

To date, 105 eligible Huron County residents have volunteered and signed consent forms to participate in the study on noise, vibration, and light.

Of those, 40 have completed the Registration Survey and 35 have been providing information through the Observation Diary. Of the 40 people who have completed a Registration Survey, half are male and most are not leaseholders for a wind turbine company.

Approximately 60% of respondents reported they have been bothered, disturbed or annoyed by noise, vibration, light and/or sensations from the wind turbines. Noise was most commonly reported.

Huron County residents who live within 10 km of a wind turbine can continue to sign up for the study until October 31, and data collection ends December 1st of this year.

A second interim report will be released after data collection ends December 1.

Observation Diary data analysis will appear in the final report for the study. The final report is expected to be released in late 2019.

The Huron Wind Study is one of several studies conducted on wind power, is based on a smaller number of respondents than some studies, and involves self-reporting.