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Memorandum Over Ice In Bayfield Arena

The Municipality of Bluewater has reached a memorandum of understanding with the two community groups fighting to keep the ice in the Bayfield Arena.

Mayor Tyler Hessel points out the MOU is only for the coming ice season and is dependent on the groups submitting the $20,000 they had said they were willing to put up to help with the cost of putting the ice back in for one more season.

“So this is just for one season, it’s not for an indefinite lifespan and we’ll see what the consultant’s report brings forward and go from there and make a decision on what works best for all of Bluewater,” he said.

Hessel says beyond that they’ll wait to see what the consultant’s report suggests.

“We will be looking forward to working with them for the next ice season, pending a financial contribution, so that’s where we stand with the Bayfield Arena group,” he says.