Dry, burned lawn in Midwestern Ontario. (BlackburnNews.com photo)

Car Hits Water Main; Saugeen Shores Bans Outdoor Water Use

A total watering ban is in place in Saugeen Shores for the second time this summer.

Director of Infrastructure and Development Services Amanda Froese says this summer’s hot and dry conditions have caused water usage to be much higher than usual, pointing out they have been unable to fill their reservoir at night due to high demand.

The tipping point came Wednesday morning when a car damaged a water main that had been exposed due to nearby bridge work.
“A car took off a piece of water main that was exposed on the ground and it was emptying, so as that water was emptying it was pulling more and more water out of the reservoir,” says Froese. “Unfortunately, we had to wait for emergency services to take care of that situation before we could get that water turned off.”

Froese says all outdoor watering activities, including lawn watering and filling pools, is banned until further notice, adding residents who have a sand-point pump or private well are exempt, although they must have a window sign visible from the road.

Mayor Mike Smith says by-law officials will be enforcing the watering ban with no exceptions, as they need to be able to ensure a safe supply of water for household use, as well as for firefighting purposes.