Low Water Advisory For Bayfield River Watershed

Water advisories and bans are the next steps as the dry conditions continue.

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority has issued a level 1 Low Water Advisory for the Bayfield River watershed.

The region received only about 50% of normal precipitation levels in May and June, and the Bayfield River watershed’s streamflows are extremely low.   Some rate late in June brought some relief to the Ausable River.

If dry conditions persist through July, it may be necessary to for the WRT to consider issuing Low Water Advisories for the entire watershed and consider the possibility of the Bayfield River watershed moving into a Level 2 Condition in August.

The Water Response Team relies on both precipitation and streamflow indicators to support any decision to move into a Low Water Advisory.    Indicators include one-month streamflow, and one-month or three-month precipitation.

The prolonged period of below-normal precipitation could have a long-lasting impact on streamflow and water availability this summer, according to Davin Heinbuck, Water Resources Coordinator at ABCA. “In some areas, water availability in streams is vitally important to sustaining crops through very dry periods,” he said.     The focus should be on sustaining water availability through responsible management and conservation of the water resource, he said.    “If a dry weather pattern continues, a recovery of the already stressed watershed will become more difficult as we move through the summer,” according to Heinbuck.

Central Huron has notified residents that lawn or garden watering be done between 7 and 9 in the morning and evening.    You can water on even number days if you have an even house number, and odd-numbered houses can water on odd-numbered days.