Studying Recreational Needs In Bluewater

Bayfield residents had a chance to see what is involved in a recreation feasability study. {Photo by Bob Montgomery}

Close to 60 people attended a public information meeting at the Bayfield Community Centre Wednesday night.

The meeting was an opportunity for Bayfield residents to learn more about the feasibility study that’s currently underway to assess the recreation needs of the municipality of Bluewater and particularly the demand for ice in the Bayfield Arena.

Patti MacDonald, 66, is a year-round resident of Bayfield says she was at the community centre last night because she strongly supports the need for a community centre and an arena with ice.

“I think they need to be very careful and not underestimate this community because this community is driven by volunteers,” said MacDonald. “Everybody that you see here tonight is probably involved in this community in one way or another and this is sort of a common ground.”

MacDonald maintains arenas are gathering places in communities throughout Canada and she doesn’t want to see Bayfield lose that.