Howick Pushes For More Conservation Funding

One Huron County township is trying to get the province to increase funding to conservation authorities.

A letter from Howick to the premier’s office outlines a funding timeline starting in 1995 when cuts were first made, but were not restored for the next 22 years.

One of the arguments made in the letter for increasing funding is the benefit conservation authorities have on multiple levels.

Funding comes through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change for Drinking Water Source Protection. But Howick states conservation programs help other ministries such as Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Health, Education and Recreation and Culture.

The Howick letter also points to all-party support in December of last year for Bill 139, addressing the proposed amendments to the Conservation Authorities Act.

But even though that bill recognized that conservation authorities were underfunded, no further funding has been made available.

The Howick letter has also been sent to other area municipalities for support.