The closed Southshore Marina in Bayfield. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

One Less Boat Launch In Bayfield

Boaters who have been using the Southshore Marina in Bayfield to launch their boats are going to have to find other alternatives this summer.

The Ministry of Transportation owns the Southshore Marina and in the past has worked with the municipality and a marina provider who sub-leased the marina, according to Bluewater Mayor Tyler Hessel.

“The sub-leaser felt it wasn’t viable,” says Hessel. “And it’s unfortunate but at this point, we won’t be renewing that lease with the MTO this coming season.”

Hessel says there is another ramp on the north side of the marina that is owned federally.

“There is one other ramp on the north side of the marina that is a federal ramp, it’s not quite as nice as the one that the private marina owns or that the MTO owns but at this point that’s what we’ll be recommending that people go in the direction,” added Hessel. “Depending on the passing of the motion on the third Monday of March.”