Information about the Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Snake Slithers In Huron County

Huron County’s Stewardship Coordinator says a snake that is listed as threatened in the province is establishing itself in Huron County.

Rachel White says the closest population of the Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake is in the Pinery Provincial Park area but there have been recent sightings in the Goderich area.

“They fan their neck like a Cobra,” says White. “They also have an upturned snout and they’re actually quite a thick-bodied snake so that distinguished them from other species like a Milk Snake. When they’re young their skin is blotchy.”

She says the Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake is harmless.

“So it won’t harm you, it won’t harm your pet if you come across it on a walk,” says White. “Really it is just afraid of you and it is stressful for the snake to interact with you, so the best thing to do is get a picture if you can and submit your sighting to the Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas.”