2018 Labour Market Plan For Bruce, Grey, Huron And Perth

The Four County Labour Market Planning Board has a plan to address the labour market challenges in the Stratford to Bruce Peninsula Economic Region.

Executive Director Gemma Mendez-Smith says the strategic plan for Bruce, Grey, Huron, and Perth Counties is aimed at developing a workforce to meet current needs.

She says there are jobs that are going unfilled while there are still people looking for work.

The 2018 Labour Market Plan sets out a strategy that works towards closing the skills gap that exists with input from employers.

The plan highlights the expansion, growth or decline of businesses, and reflects the employment and participation rates of the region’s residents

Topics addressed include trends in the Employment Ontario client data, labour market characteristics and conditions, industry landscape and business concentration, and ends with a short and long-term action plan.

“These recommendations will serve as guideposts to keep us on track as we build a successful, vibrant and sustainable future,” says Mendez- Smith.

‘The board’s goal over the next 12 to 36 months”, says Mendez-Smith, “is to lead or assist in as many initiatives as possible which will help drive workforce planning and development across the four-county region.”

The latest version of the Local Labour Market Plan can be accessed on the Planning Board’s website http://www.planningboard.ca/reports/local-labour-market-plan/.