Solar Panel Project Nearly Ready For New Listowel Arena

The inside of the Steve Kerr Memorial Arena in Listowel. (Photo by Steve Sabourin)

North Perth Council shined some light on the solar panel project for the Steve Kerr Memorial Complex Monday night.

Director of Parks and Rec Steve Hardie says council’s agreement with Hydro One in relation to the project is necessary to move forward with the installation.

“So this is all part and parcel for the project. They’ll come in and make sure that the plans are accurate and they’ll meet our needs, as well as the needs of Hydro One as we’ll be tying into their system,” says Hardie.

Once finished, the panels will generate two-thirds of the facility’s power.

“We have approval to move forward with the project, however, the panel installation, there’s a lot of work to do in terms of engineering, making sure the panel sizes are meeting our requirements as well as Hydro One’s requirements,” said Hardie. “Also, that we’re staying within the capacity allocated by Hydro One for the net metre project.”

The project should be underway in late spring and completed by June.