Bluewater Agrees To NextEra Offer

Negotiations between the municipality of Bluewater and NextEra Energy over their Vibrancy Fund appear to be over.

NextEra reduced its offer to the municipality after some legal issues emerged but last night council decided to accept the revised offer.

Mayor Tyler Hessel says council still has concerns.

“There was a termination clause in it which gives them many outlets to move forward on, as well as the funding arrangement, has changed from the original draft agreement,” says Hessel.

And the monetary offer has been reduced from $3,500 to $2,500 per kilowatt.

“At this point, we’ve decided to move forward with the agreement so it’ll come to council on the third Monday of this month and we’ll see if it will be ratified at that meeting,” added Hessle. “But at this point, the direction is to move forward with signing the agreement.”

The other concern is the clause allows Nextera to terminate the agreement with just 15 days notice.