Avon Maitland District School Board Plants Agriculture Course

The Avon Maitland District School Board is launching a program next fall focused specifically on agriculture.

Superintendent Jodie Baker says the Specialist High Skills Major program in agriculture will be taught at the Mitchell District High School.

It will be open to all secondary students across the board and transportation will be provided to Mitchell.

“Maybe the student wants to go to Ridgetown or even Guelph. Or may just want to go and work on a farm. Here’s an opportunity for that student to be immersed in information and content that is based around agriculture,” says Baker.

While the main courses in the program will focus on agriculture, others like business, will be delivered through an agricultural lens.

“So a science course will be based and looked at from an agricultural lens, a business course will take a running your own farm business, that kind of agriculture perspective. So for a full semester, students can be immersed in an experience that focuses on agriculture,” said Baker.

Baker says they’re still waiting for approval on a food processing course.