The ice in the Bayfield arena. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Bayfiled Arena Ice Clarification

There are some conflicting interpretations about a decision to permanently take the ice out of the Bayfield arena.

Last week, the Bayfield Lions criticized council for making a decision without waiting for a consultant’s report.

But Bluewater Mayor Tyler Hessel says council will revisit the motion that was passed last August to clarify.

“There were some different interpretations of what we passed. So that’s the only thing officially that is coming back and that will be at the committee of the whole in March,” he says.

Deputy Mayor Jim Ferguson had attached an amendment to the motion that tied the removal of the ice to the feasibility study. His interpretation is that without the feasibility study, the ice stays in. With the feasibility study completed, the ice can come out and a new plan can be developed.

The study is expected to be done by the end of the summer.