Firefighter, North Huron Council Scheduled To Meet Tonight photo

Firefighters from the Fire Department of North Huron are expected to meet with North Huron council  Monday night.

Late last week, North Huron held a special meeting after a number of the volunteer force walked out due to a situation involving the naming of a interim chief, after the resignation of Ryan Ladner.

FDNH personnel released a statement Sunday afternoon about the current situation:

“To our community, FDNH personnel were forced to take drastic measures due to the lack of support and recognition of North Huron Council on a very serious matter impacting our community.

FDNH personnel provided North Huron Council with ‘the right solution to a very serious situation’.

Not only was a solution presented to Reeve Vincent and the CAO prior to any announcements, FDNH personnel made a last ditch effort to representatives of council offering a 30 day period for North Huron and senior ranking representatives of FDNH personnel to come to a solution.

In that time FDNH personnel would respond to emergency calls in our community. FDNH personnel would not partake in extra normally performed duties, only emergency calls. North Huron Council chose to not work with their emergency services.

FDNH personnel want a quick resolve. FDNH personnel have been requested to a meeting Monday December 11, 2017 in the evening to meet with a representative of OFM (Ontario Fire Marshal) and council.

Due to the severity of this issue FDNH personnel were prepared to meet this past Friday or Saturday to come to a quick and timely resolve so the community we serve was not left with uncertainties.

FDNH personnel will attend the meeting but are very discouraged by the timelines created and North Huron obvious lack of value put forward regarding time on such a serious issue affecting all of our community.”


On Friday, North Huron CAO Dwayne Evans stressed that no written resignations were received and there are fire services in place to deal with any issues as a part of a contingency plan.  The plan includes the Huron County mutual aid plan, as well as enlisting the help of neighbouring fire departments in the case of an emergency.