North Wellington Health Care sign outside the Louise Marshall Hospital in Mount Forest, ON (Photo by Craig Power, © May 2016).

Wellington County Sets Safety Priorities

Safe Communities Wellington County has set priorities to guide programs across the region.

The group will work with partners throughout the county to figure out the best course of action, and how everyone can help make a difference in all seven injury categories.

Motor vehicle collisions topped the list of priorities, followed by falls, intentional self-harm, accidental poisonings, pedestrian and cyclist injuries, sports and recreation, and injuries involving Agriculture, Machinery, and Tools.

62 people from 30 Wellington County organizations and departments attended a priority setting exercise that looked at emergency room visits, hospital stays and mortality statistics.

It is about the people in this room and working together,” said Inspector Scott Lawson, Wellington County OPP, “We all need to come up with strategies surrounding harm
reduction to ensure we tackle these issues going forward.”

“We now have a solid and credible foundation on which to build our strategic plan,” stated Gregg Davidson, Co-Chair, Safe Communities Wellington County