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Hanover Police Officer Faces Police Act Charge

A Hanover police officer, who was already on suspension, is facing a Police Services Act charge after allegedly driving to the Hanover police station while impaired.

The Hanover Police Service says on September 25, 2017, Constable Robin Paige arrived at the station to sign the visitor registry, in accordance with an ongoing suspension. While there, another Hanover officer allegedly detected the odour of alcohol on Paige’s breath and administered a breathalyzer test.

Paige, who had driven a motorcycle to the station, registered a warning on the test. His driver’s licence was seized following an investigation, and he was issued a further three-day suspension. He now faces a Police Services Act charge of discreditable conduct.

Constable Paige has previously been fired after being found guilty of discreditable conduct for drinking while on duty back in January 2015. He appealed the decision shortly after and was put back on paid suspension in accordance with the Police Services Act of Ontario.

Paige appeared for a hearing to answer to the charges on Tuesday, and  remains on paid suspension.