Grey County Approves ATV Use For Many County Roads photo

Grey County Council has approved the use of all-terrain vehicles and side by side off-road vehicles on many county roads.

The decision follows a successful 13-month pilot project.

Warden Alan Barfoot says they were pleased with the results, and want to move forward to support tourists and residents another way to enjoy the countryside.

ATVs will be allowed on identified roads from half an hour before sunrise, to half an hour after sunset from April 15 to November 10.

About 500 km of roads will be available for ATVs, but they will not be allowed in the town of Blue Mountains, the Town of Hanover and other locations where their use might be unsafe.

The official by-law will be updated as part of the Recreational Trails Master Plan project in 2018.

“Feedback about ATVs on county roads has been positive and their overall presence on our roads has been low,” says Pat Hoy, director of transportation. “Next spring we’ll begin installing signs along on roadsides to clearly mark where ATVs aren’t permitted.”