Hanover – West Grey Police Merger On Hold

Talks on amalgamating the Hanover and West Grey police departments are likely on hold.

An ad hoc committee with members from both police boards and staff has been meeting since last March after a consultant indicated amalgamating the two forces was feasible.

West Grey Mayor Kevin Eccles says the talks are at an impasse. He says the committee has decided there are too many variables in the coming months, such as municipal and provincial elections as well as a new provincial Police Services Act for the talks to continue now.

“There are many forces on the outside that are going to have input and we’re not certain where they are so the talks have been put on hold,” says Eccles.

He adds one of the stumbling blocks in the amalgamation talks was whether a new, single police headquarters building was necessary, and if so, where would it be.

The committee’s decision goes to both Hanover and West Grey councils next week for approval. If that happens, it will be up to new councils after next year’s municipal election to further pursue the matter.