Bruce Power Support Company Expands In Kincardine

A Bruce Power support company is expanding operations in Kincardine, which should help the local economy and create jobs.

Sargent & Lundy is opening a second office location in Kincardine, shared with subcontractor APTIM Services Canada Corp.

The office expansion stems from a new agreement with Bruce Power to support the Life-Extension Program. The company has been working with Bruce Power since 2001.

Company Executive Vice President Delfo Bianchini says a new agreement enhances that relationship and expands their local presence.

The office is located adjacent to the existing office at 807 Queen St.

“The long-term Asset Management Program is an important part of delivering our Life-Extension Program on time and on budget,” says John Soini, Bruce Power’s executive vice president of finance and commercial services. “Sargent & Lundy’s expansion to support this program locally will create value-added, high-paying jobs in our communities and bring additional benefits for surrounding businesses and overall community economic development.”

Mitch Twolan, warden of Bruce County, says  it was just six months ago that Sargent & Lundy was welcomed into the region when it opened its first local office.

“To see Sargent & Lundy already expand its footprint and create more local jobs is a demonstration of the important commitment Bruce Power suppliers are making in our region to establish a local presence and to continuously expand their local operations,” says Twolan.