Raw Milk Advocate Guilty Of Obstucting A Peace Officer

John Schnurr (L) and Michael Schmidt outside Walkerton courthouse. (photo by Kirk Scott)

Durham area dairy farmer Michael Schmidt has been found guilty of obstructing a peace officer.

The charges related to a raid on Schmidt’s farm in October 2015 by provincial officials gathering evidence of Schmidt’s raw milk operation.    The raid resulted in a stand off with up to 70 of Schmidt’s supporters blocking the farm driveway and not allowing a cube van containing evidence to leave.

Schmidt was convicted of instigating the obstruction.

“I’m basically the controlling mind of 70 people. I wish I would be so powerful, but I’m not,” said Schmidt in an interview outside the Walkerton courthouse.

At Schmidt’s request, Judge R. Minard postponed sentencing until November 8.

His co-accused, John Schnurr of Georgian Bluffs, was found not guilty of the same charge.