Huron-Bruce Remarkable Citizens Honoured

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Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson will recognize 19 individuals as part of the fifth annual Remarkable Citizens Awards.

The 19 were recognized by colleagues, family and friends for their efforts and contributions within their respective communities.

The honourees come from communities including Wingham, Goderich, Teeswater, Walkerton and Kincardine.

“I am so thrilled to continue this tradition and to kick off the New Year by recognizing these individuals who have devoted so much of their time and energy to better our communities,” says Thompson. “The nominations that poured in this year were wonderful examples of the sense of community spirit that can be found throughout Huron-Bruce.”

The annual Remarkable Citizens Awards evening is January 4 at the Teeswater Town Hall.

The event will begin at 7pm and is open to everyone.

If necessary, the snow date for the event will be January 11.

This year’s honourees are:

Jacquie Bishop, Bluevale
Dave Bourne, Wingham
Mary Lou Bourne, Wingham
Christine Brandt, Walkerton
Vickie Cahill, Kincardine
Bill Carroll, Walkerton
Edward J. (Ted) Cobean, Walkerton
Blake Evans, Tiverton
Lynn Evans, Kincardine
Aylmer Joyes, Sebringville
Bill Joyes, Sebringville
Tom Joyes, Goderich
Verna Joyes, Sebringville
Ed Luyten, Teeswater
Lucy Luyten, Teeswater
Kathy Nichol, Brussels
Willa Schoffer, Kincardine
Bonnie Sitter, Exeter
Mike Wagner, Walkerton