United Way Better Positioned With New Model

Perth-Huron United Way Executive Director Ryan Erb. (Photo by Ryan Drury)

The executive director for the Huron-Perth United Way says moving to a three-year campaign plan has helped the organization and its partners.

Ryan Erb says one of the key things they have focused on in the communities is youth mental health, and he brought up a North Perth-specific example.

“Specifically in North Perth, since we’re here at the council, it’s easy to talk about one of the programs we just opened here, Crossing Bridges, with our partner Choices For Change. They’re the local alcohol and gaming addictions program and they partner with mental health programs to bring us that Crossing Bridges program, to identify youth mental health issues and support them in it,” he says.

Erb adds that the new three-year fundraising model has been a great benefit for the partners of United Way.

“One of the things we’re really excited about with our three-year campaign model is that it’s also a three-year funding model.  So our supported partners have the stability in this time, for the first time, for a three-year period.  They love that,” he says. “Obviously, committing to them for that length of time is helpful, they don’t have to re-apply for funds each year.”

Erb notes it also has helped them identify needs in the community prior to getting the funds, so that when money comes in they can quickly put focus toward pre-determined initiatives.

He also says the goal over the three-year campaign is $4-million and working directly with municipal partners like North Perth has been a great thing and a productive partnership for the United Way.