Huron Perth Hospitals Move Ahead With Electronic Health Record

The Huron Perth Health Care Alliance and Alexandra Marine and General Hospital have appointed two Regional Technology Leads to support rapid advancement in physician technology.

Dr. Bob Davis and Dr. Paul Gill will lead the charge for physicians to adopt an Electronic Health Record system across the five hospital sites.

Davis is an family physician with the Happy Valley Family Health Team in St. Marys, and a key member of the Patient Keeper implementation team.

The web-based software offers doctors a single view of patient information integrated from multiple hospital systems.

Gill is a family physician with the Maitland Valley Family Health Team, and a Primary Care co-Lead with the southwest LHIN.

The two organizations have spent the last several years implementing many elements of the Electronic Health Record to create a real time patient centres digital record.

“I am very happy and excited to be working alongside Dr. Paul Gill in our new roles,” says Davis. “Further enhancing the excellent health care already provided by our five sites through the implementation of the available technology will, in my opinion, take us to a whole new level of care.”

The work began with improvements of clinical computer systems for nursing staff, and advanced administrative systems.

“Integrating the physician voice into the planning of any future EMR state has the potential to enhance patient care, provider satisfaction, and safety,” says Gill. “I’m personally thrilled to have this opportunity!”