Brockton On The Hook For Cost To Transport Prisoners

The province will no longer be paying to transport prisoners from the Walkerton Jail to the Central North Federal Penitentiary in Penetanguishene, Ontario.

The news comes after Brockton Councillor Chris Peabody took a look at the draft 2017 budget for the municipality.

At a cost of $140,000 annually, Peabody says he’s very disappointed because the province has been covering that cost since 2011.

“In 2001 we fought to have the Walkerton Jail and we lost, but, we did manage to get the province to pay for the transportation of prisoners to Penetanguishene , two and a half hours away which is very costly,” says Peabody. “It was a small victory that we didn’t have to pay that and that to our taxes; at the time I predicted we’d have to add 3% to the taxes and unfortunately a ghost of the past came back to visit us tonight [Monday]. We now have to add that to our tax base, the transportation of prisoners at a cost of $140,000.”

This means Walkerton residents can expect to see a slight annual increase of 2% in their annual taxes, or an average of $10 per household, according to Peabody.

Both Councillor Peabody and Councillor Steve Adams feel the money would be better spent on Brockton’s more than 350 km of roads, 56% of which are in poor to very poor condition.