Holiday Shipping Deadlines Fast Approaching

Christmas Parcel, © Can Stock Photo / dolgachov

If you’re planning to send mail or parcels to loved ones in time for Christmas, you’ll want to get a move on.

Canada Post deadlines for shipping parcels, packages, and letter mail (including Christmas cards) are fast approaching so if you haven’t already shipped your packages, you may want to do so.

As for why Canada Post is so busy this year, you can boil it down to an increased number of people choosing to shop online.

“At Canada Post, we see a lot of those volumes because we deliver two out of three parcels delivered online, we’re the number one parcel company,” says Canada Post spokesperson Aurelie Walsh. “The only person who delivers more than we do is Santa Claus.”

Canada Post has ramped up their staffing this Holiday Season with increased workers, extra vehicles, more hands on deck to ensure that packages arrive at their destination in time.

The deadline for shipping letter mail outside of your province is December 19.

The deadline for shipping letter mail within the province is December 20 and locally is December 19.

For larger parcels and packages, the absolute deadline for shipping is December 22.

Canada Post is expecting to ship and process upwards of 7-million parcels more than during the 2015 holiday season.

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