Bluewater’s Mayor Pushes For Infrastructure Funding At Queens’s Park

Bluewater Mayor Tyler Hessel Photo by Bob Montgomery

Bluewater Mayor Tyler Hessel says he was encouraged by a recent meeting with Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli in his Queen’s Park office.

Hessel says the first issue they discussed was the need for more capacity in Bayfield’s sewage system.

He says he was encouraged to keep that dialogue open and contact the ministry again in January when the environmental assessment is complete, and when there might be an opportunity for some funding. Hessel says he also requested funding for upgrades to the bridge on Airport Line, beside the cemetery just outside of Exeter.

The bridge is over 50 years old and extremely narrow by today’s standards, according Hessel. He adds that the bridge is about a $2-million structure and would take a significant percentage of a budget at just over $7-million for the entire municipality.

Hessel says he also explained to the minister that the municipality has several infrastructure projects waiting for funding. Among them is Varna water, which is a $600,000 project, as well as Zurich water and others that are piling up.

Hessel also pointed out that many of the systems in Bluewater are user-pay and the minister agreed that creates another challenge. He also suggested they were awaiting news on a new, major funding model from the federal government and January would be a good time to re-open the discussion.