Zero Tolerance & Zero Arrests At R.I.D.E. Kick-off In Stratford

(File photo © Can Stock Photo / Crysrob)

There’s some good news out of Stratford when it comes to this year’s Festive R.I.D.E. Campaign.

The Stratford Police Service along with members of the Perth County OPP officially kicked-off their 2016 R.I.D.E Program ahead of the Christmas Holidays and the results are nothing less than impressive.

It’s not something you hear of often, but more than 3,200 vehicles were stopped November 25 and not one single driver was arrested or found to be impaired while behind the wheel.

One of Stratford’s top cops attributes the positive result to education.

“I think people are understanding that if you take a $10 cab ride, if you’ve had something to drink, you could save $20,000 in fees which would include future insurance costs, your court case, your lawyer, the fines that are associated with the offence,” says Inspector Sam Theocharis, Uniform Patrol Support with the Stratford Police Service.

While there was a time many years ago where many people turned a blind eye to drinking and driving, the same does not ring true today.

“Drinking and driving is not socially accepted; we are having zero tolerance here in Stratford because it is socially unacceptable and people should not drink and drive,” adds Theocharis.

Festive R.I.D.E. Programs will continue in Stratford and Perth County not just throughout the holiday Season but year round as well.