Brockton Councillor Seeks Answers Over Lake Advisory

Lake Rosalind (Blackburn Stock Photo)

A Brockton Councillor is upset over a lack of effort from the Grey Bruce Health Unit to lift an advisory put in place back in July of this year following positive testing for Blue-Green Algae toxins.

Testing of the water in and around Lake Rosalind and Marl Lake have shown the water to be clear of Blue-Green algae, however, the advisory issued by the Grey-Bruce Health Unit remains in place.  That was on July 22, 2016.

It is now mid November and that advisory has yet to be lifted, and Brockton Councillor Chris Peabody wants some answers.

“I’m fortunate enough to live at the lake, it’s a great spot to live, however, when I walk my dog I certainly get it from the residents every day, ‘when is this advisory going to be lifted’, it’s still in place today so that’s why I’m very upset,” says Peabody.

A meeting held this fall saw MPP Lisa Thompson (who chaired the meeting) meet with residents of Lake Rosalind and senior officials from the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) however Peabody says one of the invitees was a no show.

“A lot of stuff was worked out with the residents association, however, the Public Health Unit did not show up and I’m very upset about that,” adds Peabody.

He says all he (and area residents) want now is for that advisory to be lifted.