Walkerton Wastewater Treatment Plant Needs Upgrades

(BlackburnNews.com photo)

A recent cost study analysis of Walkerton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant looked at the possibility of generating electricity on-site rather than purchasing hydro.

Using a generator running on a combination of natural gas and bio-gas created from waste materials, potential cost savings are estimated at $20,000 annually.

“Because the plant has this generator that can use gas that’s produced within the plant, and looking at the price of natural gas versus electricity, it’s of our opinion that money can be saved by generating their own versus purchasing,” says Steve Burns, senior engineer at B.M.Ross & Associates Ltd.

To do this, a number of factors would have to be considered including the price of natural gas and electricity including potential increases; costs to operate and/or replace the generator and overall energy requirements.

The study also found that some major upgrades are needed to the facility’s aging equipment.

The roof of one of the digesters, according to Burns, is in need of replacement as it has reached the end of its natural life due to the corrosive environment and its 20 year natural lifespan.

Total cost of replacing the roof is estimated at $700,000 while upgrading equipment such as the digesters comes in at roughly $450,000.