Fundraiser Supports New CT Scanner In Listowel

The CKHA's current CT Scan, which is approximately 10 years old.

A campaign to purchase a new CT scanner for Listowel Memorial Hospital got off to a good start.

The foundation’s annual fall fundraiser brought in over $12,400, for the new piece of vital equipment.

The total project is estimated at about $2-million. It will save about 190,000 km of travel for patients who currently have to go to other hospitals for the service.

The hospital hopes to have the new scanner in place by spring.

The scanner can take pictures through 360 degrees around a patients body and transform them into cross sectional views.

That’s vital for diagnosing suspected cancers, serious head injuries, organ function and cardiovascular disease.

Recent advances included decreased radiation doses, improved 3D views, and increased speeds for cardiac imaging.

A new CT scanner would ensure that trauma or accident victims have the necessary equipment to diagnose the extent and type of injuries quickly.