Wingham’s Police Chief Proposes Lower Speed Limit In Safety Zones

Sign posted speed limit of 40km/Hr on John St. just east of Carling Terrace near F.E. Madill Secodnary School in Wingham.

Wingham’s chief of police is looking to make an already safe community even safer by making a small change to already existing Community Safety Zones.

Chief Tim Poole was at a recent conference in London focusing on injury prevention between vehicles and pedestrians, and says he gained more insight into speed related injuries and deaths.

Statistics show that the chance of serious injury or death more than doubles between 30-40 km/h so Poole would like to see the speed limit in these Community Safety Zones dropped to 30 km/h from the current 40 km/h.

“Our current speed limits are 40 km/h so I brought forward to (North Huron) Council that they be brought down to¬†30 km/h in order to increase the survivability should we have an accident,” says Poole.

With the safety of children top of mind and paramount within the community, taking a proactive approach to safety just makes sense.

“Basically every kilometre and a half you go lower, it equals a 5% increase in the chance of surviving that collision,” adds Poole.

Poole says at the end of the day, dropping speed limits to 30 km/h in all safety zones will provide a safer community for all.

To date, there have been no vehicle pedestrian collisions within any of Wingham’s Community Safety Zones.