New Look For Mural In Downtown Wingham

Photo (L to R): North Huron Reeve, Neil Vincent; BIA President, Dave Peers; Ken Whitmore of Blyth Printing; Mural Artist, Bevin Finlay; BIA Chairman, Doug Kuyvenhoven; North Huron Economic Development Officer, Connie Goodall; North Huron Councillor, Yolanda Ritsema-Teeninga, Building Owner, Michael McDonagh. (Photo by Craig Power, © 2016).

A mural in downtown Wingham has received a much needed face lift.

Located on the south side of 280 Josephine St., right next to Wingham Town Hall, the mural entitled “A Glimpse of the Past” depicts a scene of the old Wingham Grand Trunk Railway Station, an old steam engine train and an old vintage automobile from the 1911 era, similar to an early Ford Model-T.

The Wingham Business Improvement Association is behind the newly redone mural, providing all the funds necessary to have it completed with the hopes that its fresh new look will add to the overall improvement and look of the downtown area.

“A lot of the details in the downtown, of keeping the downtown clean and neat, you just work away at the small things and I think things are continuing to move in the right direction for Wingham,” says Doug Kuyvenhoven, BIA chairman.

The new mural was done using modern techniques including the use of Adobe Photoshop and brought to life by Belmore artist, Bevin Finlay.

“It’s all painted on a hand drawing tablet, a monitor tablet they call it. Even though it’s computer generated, what’s really neat about it is that it is painted and drawn still in traditional technique but right on screen,” says Finlay.

The folks at Blyth Printing took Finlay’s design and made it larger than life using a high gloss vinyl wrap on an aluminum backing which will better stand up to weather conditions and last for years to come.