Drilling For Information In South Bruce, Huron-Kinloss

The NWMO Learn More Centre in Ripley. (Photo by Craig Power)

A series of upcoming Open Houses in Lucknow and Mildmay are aimed at educating the public on the next steps toward site selection for a Deep Geologic Repository for used nuclear fuel.

Both the Municipalities of Huron-Kinloss and South Bruce have been voluntarily working separately with the NWMO throughout the site selection process and now, all parties are moving forward with the next step of the Phase 2 Preliminary Assessment.

This next step would involve the drilling, on municipally owned land, of a borehole to gather geologic material for research purposes only and data gathering.

“It is not expected to be a repository site,” says Marie Wilson, Regional Communications Manager for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization.

There are three proposed locations in Huron-Kinloss (for initial borehole drilling) and four proposed locations within South Bruce. They will eventually be narrowed down to just one drill site.

“Comments from citizens on the proposed locations for this work are very valuable and will help the community and the NWMO plan the work together,” says Wilson.

The NWMO currently has Learn More Centres in Ripley, Teeswater and Clinton that are open to the public three days a week.

A series of open houses, aimed at public input on the initial borehole drilling, will take place on the following dates:

NWMO Open House (Huron-Kinloss):

Lucknow Community Centre (694 Willoughby St.)
Tuesday, November 1 2016 from 1pm – 8pm
Wednesday, November 2 2016 from 9am – 3pm

NWMO Open House (South Bruce):

Mildmay-Carrick Recreation Complex (24 Vincent St.)
Thursday, November 3 from 1pm – 8pm
Friday, November 4 from 9am – 3pm